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Cosin reminds all our customers to beware of this cheater company

2014-1-8 16:31:13

 Cosin Construction Machinery is engaged in the light of engineering machinery production, has a history of more than ten years of research and development independently.Cosin regards honest management as the basis and determines product location based on market demands,all including product appearance, size, color and so on are considered.Cosin construction machinery first-class quality and good after-sales service get positive comments from our clients.

In recent years,cosin light construction equipment exports value continues to increase,the development momentum is very powerful.But recently we found to have a company called "zhengzhou haozhan technology co., LTD",which copied and stealed our company's image and product information,this brought the serious influence and the loss for us.

The company is known to set up just soon, may not have the business license,not even have a professional r&d team and quality control team.This act is enough to show that it doesn't pay attention to customer needs and is without its strengths.

For the benefit of the customers,cosin lists the related url of this site:, customers don't be deceived.

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