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Cosin rebar bender has many advantages

2014-1-15 14:29:38

 In modern construction engineering,rebar is indispensable and is required to be various in shape.So,there must be the processing rebar equipment,which can process rebar into various shapes.This kind of equipment is rebar cutter.

Rebar cutter is specially used for steel cutting,the machine models and steel material is different,its maximum cutting diameter are different.Rebar cutter adopts automatic operating procedures,work efficiency is very high,cutting speed is very fast.It can effectively save the manpower and time to ensure project completed on schedule.

Cosin rebar cutter has three types:GQ40,GQ50,GQ42,which can cut off A3 steel, 45 # steel.User can choose to be suitable for their own models,according to their own needs.Compared with other rebar cutter on the market,cosin rebar cutter is more flexible and easy to carry.What's more,cosin rebar cutter adopts high rigid knife block, connecting rod, high quality motor to ensure the working life.

Cosin rebar cutter has many advantages and can save many time and trouble for construction.If you want to make your work more easy,please choose cosin rebar cutter.In the new year,cosin will reseach and produce more construction equipments,please pay attention to the website: any equipment,you can dail the phone number:+86 0371 86055762 or +86 0371 86055760.

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