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Rebar cutter's operation and maintenance procedure

2014-2-13 8:56:05

Rebar cutter is always used in construction works,after a lot of use, equipments may be lossy, if you want to ensure equipments' use life, you must know the machinery's operation and maintenance procedure. Today cosin will talk about how to maintain and normal operate rebar cutter, wish it can help users.

1.After rebar cutting machine work finished, should clean the cutting tool and remove debris around it, ensure the machine clean. Check the looseness of the bolt and triangle tape. Adjust removable blade clearance, and replace the blunt blade.

2.Every half a month, maintain and repair the equipments.Check the gear and bearing wear, adjust the clearance of all parts.

3.By regulation, lubricate the eccentric shaft, sliding bearings, motor bearings, connecting rod cover and tool using calcium base grease.

Reasonable maintenance not only ensure rebar cutter's use life ,but also can effectively reduce equipment failure rate. It can help reduce the cost, in a word, let rebar cutter you bought more valuable. If you want to know more rebar cutting machine's message, you can visit our company wensite:

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