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Operating rebar banding machine must pay attention to security

2014-2-20 8:53:36

 In order to meet heavy demand of rebar bending machine in building engineering, construction site may set up a special steel processing workshops.Even there is such workshops used for checking and detecting rebar. Cosin remind you that no matter how fast construction schedule require, you must pay attention to security.

When operate rebar bending machine, don't offend against the rules, operate machine on the premise of guarantee your own security. In addition, pay attention to power lines to prevent leakage. 

When rebar bending machine works, don't touch the equipment work area, don't put clutter and other items in the machine. It may bring safety risk, also affect the machine's use life.

Cosin rebar bending machines automatically process rebar, which is more safe and convenient. Cosin rebar bender is the best assistant for your construction. Know more message, please pay attention to our website:

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