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About Operation rebar bender in Winter

2014-7-8 15:17:51

 In winter,if you want to operate rebar bender,you must pay attention to the following three points.

Firstly,we all know that machinery are to be preheated before operation in winter,so is rebar bending machine.So before operation,be sure to preheat,which is very important.User must pay attention.

Secondly,rebar bender need some simple maintenance once a week,
which not only keep working more smoothly but also keep working more steadily. 

Finally,rebar bender the spindle,rotary table and baffle of rebar bender should be tested once a month, in winter.Because these parts are very easy to wear and split.If detect these question in advance,it won't affect the production efficiency of rebar bender.

Cosin is the manufacturer specializing in the production of rebar bending machine,high quality and high performance price will make you satisfied.If you are interested in cosin rebar bender,you must contact us.

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