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What Is a Concrete Vibrator?

2015-6-1 10:46:53

A concrete vibrator is a construction tool used on concrete pouring sites. A variety of manufacturers build these machines and an assortment of attachments designed for multiple applications. A vibrator is used to ensure that a pour is even and free of air bubbles so that the concrete will remain strong and have a smooth finish even after the formwork is removed. While not necessary for small jobs, this tool is essential on large load bearing projects.

These machines range in size from small battery-powered wands to much larger plug-in versions that be used on very deep pours. In all cases, a concrete vibrator that can reach the bottom of the pouring forms should be used, ensuring even treatment of the entire concrete pour. Attachments are selected on the basis of the depth of the pour and the type of concrete being used.

A concrete vibrator uses an off-centered weight, which is spun as much as 10,000 times a minute, causing large air pockets in the concrete to disperse as the concrete is shaken. Especially in pours of low slump concrete, which uses minimal water, the use of a vibrator is essential to ensure that the concrete does not bubble or form holes. In cases where consumers will be looking at the finished concrete, as is common in some schools of design that employ concrete counters and floors, this tool will help create an even and attractive surface, rather than one that may be slightly ragged.

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