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How To Screed Cement, Concrete or Base

2015-8-3 16:36:41

Screed is a customized aluminum or flat board that is use to smoothen concrete on a surface. It also helps in leveling plaster. Here are some information on screeding and how to do it. You’ll also identify different types of concrete screed so you can handle different situations properly. Below are guides on how to screed cement, concrete, or base.

What is screeding? It is the procedure of cutting excess damp concrete so a slab’s top surface will have proper smoothness and grade. It is an easy process to flatten a surface. You have the preference to make it sloped or leveled.

Prepare the concrete, cement, or base. All experienced handyman understand that it’s a rare chance to get an accurate smoothness or elevation of concrete after it’s been poured. Circumstances like the process the concrete is handled from a truck, the weather and other elements affect the concrete. One effective way to attain proper smoothness and elevation is by using a screed.

How to screed. The screed must be dragged across the concrete that is freshly poured on a surface. Note that the surface of the screed is normally flat and smooth. However, you can shape it to your desired formation to attain your preferred surface like concave or curved.

There’s no similar concrete pour and size so various kinds of concrete screed exist. As a craftsman, you need to have the proper tools for the situation.

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