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How to use a Tamper Rammer

2015-9-24 16:19:24

There is only one real trick to using a Tamping Rammer and anyone can get the hang of it within a few minutes. 
I should point out that this only applies to the best designed and reliable, well built machines like those from COSIN.  I know other makes and models can be harder to use.

Place the machine on the material to be compacted. The machine will start easily, and then have a couple of minutes to warm up.  The throttle should be fully opened, don’t try a gradual increase and don’t try it on a hard surface like concrete.  You should only need a slight touch to stabilise the rammer as the revs reach full speed.  The perfectly balanced COSIN machine will stand on the spot even as the foot is just a blur of movement and the ground vibrates underfoot.  With a light grip on handle only a murmur of the foot’s movement can be felt as the isolating rubbers minimise the transmission of harmful vibrations. The trick to setting the rammer in motion doesn’t involve hard, physical pushing and pulling. Just tilt the machine forwards slightly and it begins to move, let it right itself and it stops, tilt it back and it moves back.

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